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that concert stage collapse at the indiana state fair. we'll tell you what the family wants. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at progressive.com. >>> six weeks after a harrowing stage collapse at the indiana state fair, one of the women injured is out of a coma. doctors did not expect andrea to survive, but her family says she made some amazing progress. >>> she is able to write her name and the names of other people. she can ask questions. >> she had a crushed skull, collapsed lung, and three broken vertebrae after heavy winds knocked the stage into a crowd of people waiting for sugarland to perform. seven people died, dozens were injured and today a lawsuit was filed to try and get the state to pay what is being called full and fair damages to the families of those killed or injured. >> we saw clouds coming. a man came out on the stage and told us that the storm would move around us. it wasn't going to hit us and not five minutes later, i was knocked unconscious. i never saw her again. >> alicia was seriously injure
with local families. sons of summer later on sunday morning. >> osgood: norah o'donnell asks indiana governor mitch daniels why he decided not to run for president. david edelstein reviews the new brad pit film money ball. steve hartman shows us photos that win second chances for homeless dogs and more. first the headlines for this sunday morning the 18th of september, 2011. the white house official said president obama's proposal for deficit reduction which he announces tomorrow will include a new base tax rate for wealthy americans. the so-called buffet rule is aimd at ensuring that millionaires pay at least the same percentage as middle income tax payors. house speaker john boehner says he will oppose any tax increases to reduce the deficit. twos those two americans convicted of spying remain in an iranian jail this morning. lawyers for josh fatal and shane bauer said their million dollar bail needs to be approved by two judges and one is on vacation until tuesday. tomorrow president ahmadinejad travels to new york to speak at the u.n. general assembly. the death toll has risen to nine inc
west virginia, ohio, indiana, showers sneaking into kentucky and indiana. around here, it is a quiet morning with temperatures in the 40s in the mountains. 50s in the shenandoah valley to 55 in frederick. leesburg, 59. even some upper 50s down from andrews down 301 to la plata. in southern maryland and along the bay, temps in the low 60s. this afternoon, near 70 along the bay. easton around cambridge, 37. 73 expected here in washington. monika samtani, it is 4:25. how is the construction list? >> it is clearing. all around town. you'll see that if you're headed out to the beltway around tysons corner. a couple of things i want to tell you in case you're one of the early morning risers and heads north on 95 up toward baltimore. there is a disabled tractor trailer here in the fort mchenry. a car carrier there. it may be there for awhile. been there since about 4:00. let's head closer into town. all the way down here in virginia, swinks mill road is closed down between burrford and 193. lorton closed between furnace road and silver brook. route 123 is your alternate route. let's go arou
to a controversy in indiana and it's involving segregation. they never see each other, not on the bus or cafeteria or the hallways. the principal separated the sexes to help boost learning and he said there are fewer discipline issues and better test scores. >> in the classroom we've seen more engagement, for kids doing a better job instructing. >> well the students argue socializing is part of high school life and as one student put it, society is not segregated, why should school be? that's an interesting thought. and that's come in and out of vogue over the years and does that make sense or are the hormones the same? do they do better in school when they are less distracted? mail bag at wusa9.com. >>> well every fashion lover knows missoni, the italian designer with the zig-zag print, normally you see it up on the runway, but today it debuted at target for a fraction of the normal cost and the results -- missoni mannia. it shut down target website so we sent kristin fisher out there to see if we could find the items in the store before they were all gone. >> reporter: so i just drove out to thi
are searching for the people who killed five people in the small town of laurel, indiana. investigators aren't sure if the shooter is among the dead or still on the loose. >>> metro trains are running on time this morning through union station. an electrical fire shut down the station for nearly two hours yesterday. 65 firefighters responded to the call around 6:30 p.m. they found smoke billowing from the ventilation shafts in front of the building. calls for buses went out to passengers in other stops. amtrak service was not affected. shops and restaurants were included in the evacuation, but by 8:00 last night everything was back to normal. >>> we now know the names of the students injured in a balcony fall this weekend at the university of virginia. 20-year-old joseph gab blow is hospitalize in critical condition and 18-year-old cory minor is in stable condition. minor is a student at the university of virginia. graph viper pro was visiting uva at the time. it appears a second story railing gave way. >>> today engineers will give details in their findings of damage to the washington monum
, they're coming in through st. louis right across interstate 70 into southern indiana around terre haute. here, high pressure is in control and will be today. other than the isolated shower. we'll watch the front tomorrow. that gets closer to us with a few showers around at times, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. much cooler air heads this way. today, 88. stray thunderstorm, can't be ruled out. tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow, 77. winds will turn to the north tomorrow. be a little breezy. friday, a cool day. only near 70. a beautiful weekend saturday around 70. sunday, 74 and monday still looking good, temps in the middle 70s. it is 6:18. time for the timesaver traffic. monika is out today. we have information for you. green light, no serious incidents or accidents working at the moment. but let's go over to your maryland roads. we'll start out with the overview and take you inside the beltway there into prince george's county. see lots of good traffic flow there. no serious delays here. near route 5 and branch avenue right there in the clinton area. we'll zoom into i-95 a
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cases have been reported in texas, oklahoma, nebraska, and indiana. kant loc cantaloupes south of denver are suspected but not yet reordered. >>> an 8-year-old awe 'tissic boy is hospitaled in california but in good condition after lost in a mountain forest. joshua rob was found tuesday in the san bernardino mountains. he wandered away from an elementary school on monday and was found about a mile away. >>> a new york woman is facing charges involving a fist fight between her 12-year-old daughter and another child. the fight was captured on video on sunday and ended up on youtube. the mother, daphne melon, was reportedly goating her doubt to fight over what she says is a case of cyberbullying. police say she got into the fight herself attacking another 12-year-old girl allegedly. >>> a woman removed from sunday's airplane on sunday's 9/11 says she was singled out because of her appearance. she is one of three people removed from a frontier airlines plane sunday in detroit. she was strip-searched and says she is half arab and half jewish she was targeted because of her middle eastern appe
. >>> a new strain of swine flu has shown up in two children in pennsylvania and indiana. the virus includes a gene from the h1n1 strain. the centers for disease control and prevention say there's no sign the virus has spread beyond those two children. >>> with flu season approaching, doctors say most children need to get another flu shot. the american academy of pediatrics reports that immunity drops as much as 50%, six to 12 months after vaccinations. the group says everyone six months and older should receive a flu shot. >>> and yoga may be beneficial for diabetes. a small study published in journal diabetes care suggests light yoga may help people with type two diabetes lose weight and control blood sugar levels. while yoga should not replace other more vigorous forms of exercise, it a should be added to the mix. >> before we head to break, time for a look at the question of the morning. >> what do you think? add your guess to our facebook page. we'll read your comments which i imagine will be quite fun. >> whatever. >> the answer to the survey coming up in a little bit. if you've got pa
forward to living life free. >>> indiana police are investigating an parent mass killing. at least five bodies were found sunday at two locations about 50 miles southeast of minneapolis. one man's body found at one home and two men and two women a another residence nearby. police are warning the area residents the killer or killers could still be on the loose. >>> after hundreds attended a reno in sunday for the 11 people who died a week ago at a nevada air show, a pilot and ten spectators were killed when a world war ii vintage fighter plane crashed into the crowd during a race. >>> just ahead on the "morning news," wall street braces for another rough week after asian markets tumble overnight. that and more next. this is the "cbs morning news." not sure what to take? markets tumble overnight. that and more next.night. this is the "cbs morning news." at robitussin.com. click on your symptoms... ...get the right relief. rough week after asian markets tumble overnight.asian markets that and more next. this is the "cbs morning news." makes the cold aisle easy. the robitussin® relief find
at the clouds though back in indiana and ohio moving this way. there are some showers here. they're fairly light. i don't expect the moisture from the showers to reach us but i do expect the clouds to be building toward us during the afternoon. hey, going down toward virginia beach or down toward eastern north carolina, ocean city, more clouds and maybe a few showers over the weekend but you'll notice here that we've got the clouds with us tonight at times tomorrow. so, it won't be perfectly blue but we start out with sunshine today and varying clouds today, tonight, tomorrow. 68 today. back in the 40s and 50s tonight. saturday, we're looking at the upper 60s with partly to mostly cloudy conditions. sunday for the 'skins. partly sunny. low 70s. next week, we rebound some. mid-70s by monday. up near 80 on tuesday. could be an afternoon thunderstorm and then wednesday and thursday look unsettled but warm. monika is in now with timesaver traffic. >> what i want to tell you, everybody, is i just got off the phone with authorities in arlington and eastbound route 50 is still closed basically between
see some of the high clouds coming in now. showers well to the west in ohio and into indiana, michigan and down to texas, actually. we'll look at that in a moment. a lot of moisture that wants to kind of move toward us. mid-50s in gaithersburg. 40s in oakland. 60 down in richmond. locally, we've got 56 from lovettsville, haymarket is 58. laytonsville to laurel at 55 degrees. springfield to alexandria is 60. andrews, 50. even in prince frederick this morning, a report of 60 degrees. a little bit will do. dew point 54 degrees. we're looking good windwise east-northeast at 7. the chill toward friday, if you remember the weekend, we're talking about 20s in wisconsin. now they're in the 50s. detroit and chicago in the low to mid-40s. now they're in the low to mid- 60s. the chill is in northern maine. we won't have any of the really cool nights. looking at lots of 60s as the cloud and moisture increase. this goes down to texas. all of the showers, mississippi valley, up through the great lakes, they're all moving east and the flow of moisture is moving east. this is not a situation like le
and back into southern indiana. watch the line of showers here wednesday afternoon. especially north and west of town by 6:00, ahead of that front. then that front is going to sort of slide through here wednesday night, thursday morning. behind the front, we've got showers and some of these could be with us during the day on thursday. but we'll be a lot cooler by then. we're not talking about 80s by then. we're talking about lots of 70s. maria, a storm with 50-mile- per-hour winds is up here with the big pieces of the storm. for maria, it will run the chute between bermuda and north carolina. later on in the week, if you're going to the beach this weekend, watch out for the waves and riptides. tonight, 60s. 87 tomorrow. tomorrow, see a chance for a few thunderstorms especially north and west of town. by thursday, a few more clouds. cooler, maybe a shower or two. 76. friday, a lot cooler. we're going to struggle to get to 70 on friday. may stay only in the 60s. saturday, sunny and 72. sunday, sunny and 75. monday, perhaps a shower returns. temperature high, 78. monika? >> turning out
indiana going down through parts of the tennessee and mississippi valley. and all of this is coming right towards the region. here is live doppler 9000 hd. relatively quiet in and around the metro. though just to the east we've seen a few showers pop away from the main line. bowie, this is moving up towards you. we've also seen crownsville with some of the heavier showers lifting up towards bwi. that is what is close to town. as we go into southern maryland down the northern neck, we'll widen the picture out, you'll see lighter rains in the northern neck. but down over st. mary's county we got a pour. all of this lifting north to northeast at about 25 miles an hour. easton, that's, what, about 15 minutes away from raining by you. elsewhere we've got fog. visibilitieses as i told you down to 0. gaithersburg half mile. and even down in the shenandoah valley quarter mile to a mile. as temps this morning are mild but they're not going anywhere. right around 70 or some 60s in the shenandoah valley. humidity way up as well. light sprinkles reported at reagan national. calm, all the winds and th
in ohio and michigan and indiana. but around here, a dry day today. and a quick look at temps before we throw it inside. 40s in the mountains. lots of 50s. here in town, we're in the lower 60s. monika samtani has been watching the volume build this morning. >> well, you know, if you're planning to head out to loudoun county, we're just getting word of a pretty serious accident on route 7, market street at route 9, i know the chopper is headed out there. we'll have that for you next time around. in the meantime, keep that in mind for your travel plans. we've got the yellow light. we'll start off with the beltway and take a live look north of town at georgia avenue. no problems right now. just that volume outer loop from 95 headed around the georgia avenue. luckily the lanes are open. back out to the maps right now. this time, let's zoom into the other side of town heading to the southside, route 5, route 4, route 301. everything is fine to the beltway. branch avenue headed down to the wilson bridge, you'll be ok right now. by the way if you're planning to take metro this morning, i know
in laurel, indiana. investigators aren't sure if the shoot soldier among the dead or still on the loose. >>> italian prosecutors want an appeals court uphold the conviction after amanda knox and increase her sentence to life in prison. a ruling in the case is expected in early october. >>> the banana man has learned his fate. 14-year-old brian thompson was suspended last week for running out on his high school football field wearing a banana costume. his principal threatened to suspend him for the rest of the year. >> administrators told brian thompson they would set aside the rest of his 10-day suspension and allow him to go back to colonial forge high school monday. >> i definitely don't want him to lose a whole year of education. >>> the principal suspended him after his banana man stunt friday night. >> do you think you should have received any punishment for what you did? >> definitely. but not being expelled for ten days. >> they say it wasn't about him running out on the field in the banana suit. it was about him being disrespectful. and the disrespect was him holding up his hand
yesterday with the remnants of lee spinning here in ohio and indiana and the heavy rains right on top of us headed toward the northeast. and these areas are still dealing with what the problem was from irene there. as we go through midday, we'll see areas of showers and storms. that will be the case again tonight. that will be the case again here we are friday morning into friday midday. so, this can go on for another 36 hours before things get better. today, 78. flooding rains at times. tomorrow, 80. more showers and storms. slight chance of a shower. 82. we'll see some sunshine. then on sunday, got the 'skins home opener with the giants and strasburg scheduled to pitch again. 82. with a slim, slim chance we'll see a shower. hang on, folks. could be another rough day. monika? >> it has definitely been a rough morning, not only because of the flooding but now because of an accident as well. my producer and i have been on the phone with maryland state police talking about an accident. we'll go live to the beltway right now. on the inner loop, the accident sits at route 355. you can see the d
still have a low spinning owl to indiana and ohio. we still have katia in the outer atlantic there. we're stuck in the middling and the pattern has changed too much. so this morning, light sprinkles and calvert, southern prince george's county into charles county. coming across the western district and up to leesburg. monika samtani, over to you. >>> well, a live look straight up on the outer loop of the beltway at route 355 here and that's because there's another accident. it's been this way all week long on the outer loop. the live picture there where the accident -- there may be two accidents there on the outer loop. the backup already beginning at connecticut avenue. right now we're hearing from authorities that only it will left lane is getting -- the left lane is getting by and look at this, it's 5:00 in the morning and you've got if backup at -- the backup at connecticut avenue. i think a lot of people decided to do the same thing. get the early start and now we have this accident. i'll keep you posted on that. now over to the maps, we're going to start off with gaithersburg and
mexico. other cases have been reported in texas, oklahoma, nebraska, and indiana. rocky ford cantaloupes grown in the area southeast of denver are suspected. a recall has not been ordered yet. >>> a recall has been issued this morning for 98,000 dehumidifiers for safety reasons. the gold star dehumidifiers are sold in walt mart and home depot and ace hardware and other retailers. they can overheat and catch fire. >>> jose baez the lawyer who defended casey anthony is now representing an american being held in aruba. buy he's says he has been hired as a consultant to defend gary giordano who is a suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. he has been jailed nearly a month now. he says gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling. >>> you're relieved to know gumby has surrendered! >> thank goodness. >> he tried and failed to hold up a 7-eleven in san diego last week. he has turned himself in. he said he had a uniform malfunction and left the store without leaving without any money and dropped some change on the floor, 26 cents worth. he turned himself in, including the gumby suit. >>
illinois, indiana, california and ohio are taking advantage of the shortages, forcing farmers like karen to import more pumpkins. >> this year, i did not plan to buy any. >> how many pumpkins will be be outsourcing? >> probably about $15,000 or more. >> in sh season of trick or treating, it's a cool trick by mother nature. >> one cruel summer, indeed. and the scott family tells me they anticipated harvesting 50 tons of pumpkins this year. they'll be lucky if they get ten tons. what does that mean for you and i, the customer? last year at this time they were selling pumpkins for 49 cents a pound. now it's up to 69 cents a pound. who knows where that will be capped. >> thank you. >>> if you're one of the 80 million americans with a smartphone, we're taking a turn here from pumpkins to smartphones. >> the desk has been cleaned, fully. >> it's another scary thing. you should know they can be attacked by the same viruses that can plague your computer. >> this is becoming a bigger issue. here with much needed advice this morning is our "the early show" tech expert, katie linendal. the problem
on a chicago area mosque. nearby in gary, indiana, a mass gunman shot 21 times at a yemeni american clerk. days later a seik man mistaken for an arab american was shot and killed. days later this mosque was shot at. another death threats. following 9/11 reports of hate crimes against arab americans or those perceived to be went up 1,700%. while distrust remains a reality today we found the opposite in one tennessee community. ♪ it's a sunday morning in cordoba, tennessee, and pastor steve stone is rocking along with his congregation. heartsong church just outside memphis sits on a country road directly across the street in a muslim worship center. ♪ when dr. bashar the co-founder of the mem fizz islamic center began construction two years ago, at best he hoped to be ignored, instead pastor stone welcomed the muslims with a surprise. what was your response see a sign like that? >> we saw the sign, we knew that we have good neighbors. >> reporter: good neighbors quickly put to the test. last year, when mic's current building was under construction the muslims needed a place to pray during the
in seven different states. colorado, indiana, montana, nebraska, new mexico, oklahoma, and texas and four people have died. one colorado cantaloupe grower jenson farms is voluntarily taking back shipments it has shipped. >>> david cameron and sarkozy got a warm welcome in libya. the first heads of state to visit tripoli since moammar gadhafi fled. cameron announced more than a billion dollars in libya funds frozen in libya banks. >>> california solar panel solyndra is being investigated. john blackstone reports. >> reporter: the obama administration had hoped solyndra had the big investments in green technology. instead, it went bankrupt on the ground the government more than $500 million. >> this was 500,000 mistake. >> reporter: in a congressional hearing yesterday, republicans represented e-mails suggesting the white house press to surrender money to solyndra after the house of budget and management urged congress. >> forget about the e-mails. were you involved in any communications with the white house to push the department of energy to speed this thing along. >> no. >> reporter: dem
must love this. >> oh, yeah, they call me indiana jones. we have a good time. >> reporter: no, she has not retired. >> there's my.... >> reporter: and the hunting here is kind of special. >> yeah, i have my own honey, my own pineapple. my own brands of food and such. there's the gorgeous ocean. there's my garden. >> reporter: i thought you came to hawaii to mellow out. >> this is mellow. >> reporter: the 46-acre macadamia nut farm is the setting of her just ended reality show roseanne nuts. >> the solution to all the world's problems starts with my nuts. >> reporter: no longer doing battle with network tv executives, she spends much of her time fighting with wild boars. >> they're like people or something. they only want the stuff that isn't theirs. they're crazy. >> reporter: are they violent? >> yeah, they can be violent, yeah. they're as bad as a mad dog and they're tough. i mean they can kill your grand kids if they wanted or whatever. (bleating). >> reporter: also on the farm, goats. and one special sheep. >> that black one, that black sheep, that's roseanne barr. that's me. (blea
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